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McManus broadcasts from Texas Republican Convention

Republicans who can't make it to the state convention in Fort Worth today can listen to the proceedings on KSLR AM radio at 630 on the dial. The San Antonio station is providing the only live radio broadcast of the convention.

The convention will be on the air from noon until 5 p.m. today and fireball talk show host Adam McManus will provide commentary and guests. U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) will give the keynote speech.

- Bruce Davidson,
political editor, San Antonio Express-News, June 13, 1998

McManus is one of few radio hosts covering Philly's RNC Convention

Adam McManus of San Antonio radio station KSLR is broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention.

McManus plans to interview GOP officials and Texas delegates about their support for Texas Gov. George W. Bush and his vice presidential running mate, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney.

Cheney has come under fire from Democrats, but McManus says his conservative audience is happy with the choice.

McManus will broadcast every afternoon this week from 3 to 6 p.m.

San Antonio Express-News, August 1, 2000

Controversial guest appears on McManus radio show

Patrick LaCombe, the man who has the entire Kelly Air Force Base conversion held up in a Washington court, has a question. He says he doesn't "know why the Express-News is being a paid assassin for the city."

He posed the question on a talk show [hosted by Adam McManus] on [KSLR], after accusing Kelly conversion officials of fraud.

- Rick Casey,
political columnist, San Antonio Express-News, July 17, 1997

McManus successfully blocked shock jock Howard Stern

Now that Howard Stern is out of the San Antonio picture, local radio host Adam McManus and his followers may want to concentrate their energies on KSAT's Jerry Springer show — particularly when you consider the subject matter on Monday.

"Bestiality," according to a printed schedule. KENS' boss Bob McGann said a flood of calls against Stern from KSLR protesters preceded his decision not to clear the shock jock's new CBS show on KENS this fall. Wonder if that KSLR persistence could work magic on Springer as well?

- Jeanne Jakle,
media columnist, San Antonio Express-News, May 16, 1998

McManus speaks out against mainstreaming of porn

Chances are you've seen them, but do you know what they really do for a living?

Adult film stars are creeping into the mainstream via hard rock album covers and videos, cable television and street sports-oriented fashions.

Local radio talk show host Adam McManus doesn't buy into porn chic. "There's nothing hip or chic or cool about pornography," said McManus, whose show airs on KSLR. "Specifically, pornography is the objectification of women as objects for male lust, and to use X-rated porn stars in mainstream entertainment is a slap in the face to America."

San Antonio Express-News, August 18, 1999

Library makes porn available to pre-teens
McManus describes policy as "outrageous"

A newcomer to San Antonio and a talk show host on radio station KSLR-AM 630, Adam McManus has glommed on the library Internet issue as a cause celebre for his fledgling afternoon drive-time program, "Take A Stand with Adam McManus."

"I've been giving out the number [to the library] every other day," McManus says.

"It's outrageous that minor kids can get access to pornographic materials in a local library that they couldn't possibly get in a convenience store," McManus says vehemently.

In addition to giving out the numbers for both the library and the mayor's office, McManus regularly airs satirical recorded vignettes lampooning the library's policies. In one, a teenage boy asks a librarian for help researching George Washington on the Internet.

"We don't make that kind of information available to minors anymore," the librarian informs him. "We've decided to specialize full-time in making graphic pornography available to young boys." The librarian then offers — in a steamy, phone-sex voice — to help the boy log on to Penthouse and Hustler.

San Antonio Current, The Alamo City's Newsweekly, August 28,1997

McManus objects to Abercrombie & Fitch's porno catalogue

It says it's a clothing catalog. But one peek inside Abercrombie & Fitch's new 280-page summer catalog reveals much, much more. Interspersed among the khaki shorts and polo shirts are 120 photos of naked and near naked coeds in sexually provocative poses. One pool shot suggests bestiality and another shows three naked men romping in the surf. Others are a mix of wet T-shirts and topless and bottomless men and women amidst a tangle of arms and legs at various beach locations.

Adam McManus, the host of "Take a Stand," a radio show on KSLR-AM 630 in San Antonio, encourages listeners to join the American Decency Association boycott by signing ADA's online petition and inundating the local A&F store with telephone calls.

"We believe this is a classic Polaroid snapshot of the moral depravity that is haunting our nation," McManus said. "Abercrombie & Fitch has elevated the Hugh Hefner philosophy of sex anywhere, sex with anyone, sex anytime to a whole new level. The only people who will be cheering this decision of A&F to sexualize our kids are those who profit from selling abortions and medication for sexually transmitted diseases," he added.

The Washington Times, June 22, 2001

McManus features advice for parents following terrorist attack

Shock and horror gave way to rage and recovery on Day 2 of television coverage of the terrorist attacks on America.

On radio, talk shows allowed callers to vent their fears, confusion, anger and sadness about Tuesday's events. AM stations WOAI, KTSA, KENS and KSLR continued to focus on the tragedies; music and sports stations, however, returned to regular formats for most of the day.

Advice on how to talk to children about the attacks ran on the Wednesday edition of KSLR's "Take a Stand with Adam McManus."

- Jeanne Jakle,
media columnist, San Antonio Express-News, September 13, 2001

Marilyn Manson and McManus go head to head

The Marilyn Manson concert was all the talk of call-in listeners Monday afternoon on Adam McManus' talk show on [KSLR]. Phone calls ran against Manson.

San Antonio Express-News, March 24, 1999

Motivated by McManus Re: the Oct. 29 article "Media part of the story":

This is to express my thanks to Express-News staff writer Jaime Castillo for his excellent interview with Adam McManus, host of "Take A Stand," on KSLR-AM 630.

I depend on programs such as "Take A Stand" to give me the truth of what's going on. I am motivated to not just listen, but to take action and change the world as much as my ability allows.

Renate McWright,
letter to the editor, San Antonio Express-News, November 5, 2000

McManus asks why City Council is funding gay film festival

Adam McManus combines the assertion that homosexuality is "deviant sexual behavior" with opposition to arts funding in general and supports a back-to-basics budget.

"Bottom line," says McManus, "our government is in place to provide basic services...I don't think the City Council has any place in asking San Antonio taxpayers to fund a particular group with a particular ideological agenda like the homosexual film festival."

San Antonio Current, The Alamo City's Newsweekly, November 6, 1997

Radio host questions PBS's push of "homosexual agenda"

Nearly 200 people turned out Friday evening to picket public television station KLRN's airing of a video examining homosexual discussions in the classroom.

The peaceful picketers, who represented an ethnic cross-section of the community, held brightly colored posters and wrapped around the corner of Broadway and McCullough at the KLRN studio.

The protest was encouraged by KSLR radio talk show host Adam McManus, who for a week challenged his listeners to attend the downtown demonstration. McManus said the video is a tool for homosexual activists.

"What is particularly offensive to me is they are using tax dollars to target our children," he said. "The point is to go younger and attempt to reach the next generation with a perverted message."

"It's Elementary" could confuse children, McManus said.

"I think this video will further desensitize our kids to traditional boundaries of right and wrong," he said.

San Antonio Express-News, July 3, 1999

Texas Attorney General says no to same-sex registry

Texas Attorney General John Cornyn has squelched a San Antonio gay activist's request that the Bexar County clerk's office establish a legal registry for same-sex domestic partners.

The attorney general's opinion, released Thursday, was a response to questions about the legality of such a registry raised by Bexar County Clerk Gerry Rickhoff.

Adam McManus, a San Antonio radio talk show host for KSLR Radio, applauded the ruling. "John Cornyn has made an excellent decision in rejecting the homosexual registry," McManus said. "Homosexuality is not a healthy choice for anyone. Had we embraced a homosexual registry in San Antonio, it would have opened the proverbial Pandora's Box. What's next?"

San Antonio Express-News, December 18, 1999

McManus and Dr. Laura: Old-fashioned values, great radio

"I found McManus to be lively, topical and, at times, even uplifting. As one [McManus] fan put it to me the other day, `It's great to know there are other talk hosts on radio who care about old-fashioned values — and not just Dr. Laura Schlessinger.'"

- Jeanne Jakle, media columnist, San Antonio Express-News, August 23,1997

McManus features hour-long radio debate on hot topic of fluoridation

It's approaching evening drive time in San Antonio and KSLR-AM 630 talk-show host Adam McManus wants to help listeners "Take A Stand" on fluoridation. The radio personality has assembled a mini-debate on the Nov. 7th ballot referendum on whether to put the mineral into the city's drinking water.

In one corner, or on the other end of the phone, is Dr. John Brown, head of the University of Texas Health Science Center's department on community dentistry and a supporter of fluoridation.

On the other is J. William Hirzy, a research chemist and union official at the Environmental Protection Agency, who has been one of fluoride's most outspoken critics.

San Antonio Express-News, October 29, 2000

Candidates' radio debate ends in charity donations

It started out as a debate between political candidates on a radio talk show. It ended with the incumbent and one of his challengers pledging more than $3,300 to local charities. State Rep. Frank Corte Jr., who was under attack from challenger Larry Tschirhart for accepting two weeks' legislative pay while serving in the Marine Corps Reserve during the last session, vowed to repay the state $1,652 he received from the Legislature and pledged to donate an equal amount to the San Antonio Pregnancy Care Center.

Not to be outdone, Tschirhart, a computer software firm owner who has spent more than $35,000 of his personal money in his quest to unseat the four-term District 123 Republican incumbent, himself pledged a $1,652 donation to the Agape Pregnancy Care Center.

The two sparred during a live broadcast of "Take a Stand with Adam McManus" on KSLR-AM radio.

San Antonio Express-News, March 9, 2000

KENS-TV cuts Kevorkian segment, radio host thrilled

A decision by the local CBS affiliate KENS-TV and its corporate owners not to air a segment of "60 Minutes" Sunday night because it showed a man's death by assisted suicide is drawing mixed reviews from local viewers, media experts and clergy. Five CBS affiliates, all owned by Dallas-based A.H. Belo which also owns KENS, refused to air the segment in which Dr. Jack Kevorkian injects terminally ill Thomas Youk, 52, with a lethal dose of drugs.

McGann said the station had received about 150 calls before the decision was announced from people who had requested the station not air the segment, which was heavily promoted by the network.

About 100 protesters also were outside the station Sunday night before the segment was pulled. All cheered the decision.

Many of the protesters were listeners of station KSLR- AM and afternoon talk-show host Adam McManus, who helped organize the local protest.

"This is a triumph of good over evil," McManus told the protesters after learning of KENS' decision. Many families turned out for the event, which was suggested by McManus listener Ann Wood. Many held posters and lit candles inside paper cups or atop paper plates.

At a prayer offered following the hour-long protest on Fredericksburg Road at the foot of the road up to the TV station, McManus urged people "not to get complacent and to be willing to get out in the public square of opinion when necessary."

San Antonio Express-News, November 23, 1998

McManus listeners are true disciples!

You've got to hand it to local talk host Adam McManus of KSLR for having such a loyal bunch of followers. Every time I mention local talk radio — such as the recent marathon of shows on KTSA on the Elian Gonzalez snatch from his Miami relatives' home — I receive oodles of e-mail and calls berating me for not giving a plug to McManus' own Elian coverage on his afternoon show, "Take a Stand.''

Sorry, folks; clearly, McManus did a bang-up job.

- Jeanne Jakle, media columnist, San Antonio Express-News, May 4, 2000

Conservative Talk Host Weighs in on President Bush's Supreme Court Nomination

As President Bush prepared for a trip to Europe, advocacy groups continued mobilizing on Monday for an intense campaign to try to influence his selection of a successor to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and sway any ensuing confirmation fight.

Many prominent conservatives are using contacts with the White House to press against a nomination of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, a presidential confidant frequently mentioned as a Supreme Court contender.

Conservatives, who suspect that Mr. Gonzales is not strongly opposed to abortion, are reluctant to criticize him directly because he is a friend of Mr. Bush. Instead, many are arguing that his current work as attorney general would force him to recuse himself from important cases involving the federal government.

Others are taking a blunter approach. Adam McManus, a San Antonio radio host who says his program reaches 50,000 listeners, has been urging them to call the president about Mr. Gonzales.

"The values voters - conservative Christians in particular - were the ones who brought George W. Bush to the presidential dance, and he needs to remain loyal to his conservative base," Mr. McManus said in an interview.

"Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot, to e-mail him, to call him, to write letters. We need to, by the thousands, let him know that he needs to do right by his commitment to protect the lives of unborn babies."

- New York Times, July 5, 2005

3,000 gather to protest abortion, co-chair McManus pleased

About 3,000 people lined San Pedro Avenue on Sunday to pray for an end to abortion, a practice they condemned as government-approved terrorism.

Organizers of the 11th annual "Life Chain" said they believe the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington have made Americans ponder the value of life, possibly enough to view the abortion issue in a new light.

"We want to arouse the compassion in Americans across the country whose hearts have been softened by these recent events," said Adam McManus, co-chairman of Sunday's event. Thousands of people held anti-abortion or pro-adoption signs during the hour-long demonstration.

San Antonio Express-News, October 8, 2001

Duke students get unusual valentine, McManus promotes abstinence

On a day that is supposed to send hearts aflutter and which has historical roots in Roman fertility rites, Duke University students received a very un-Valentine's Day message Wednesday: practice sexual abstinence.

Devils Who Don't, a 60-member group of graduate and undergraduate students, said students should just say no to sex outside of marriage. "Abstinence is a very real option," Adam McManus, president of Devils Who Don't told a small gathering at 11:15 a.m. on the Bryan Center walkway... Ranged behind McManus were a phalanx of Devils Who Don't carrying placards reading: . . . "I choose to say NO;" and "Love can wait."

The Durham Morning Herald, February 15, 1990


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