Guest Endorsements

"I'll never forget the day that I was at my hair dresser's. The receptionist at the salon lifted up the hair dryer and handed me the phone. It was Adam McManus, and he said he needed me on the air immediately. To this day, I don't know how he found me. As a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and a Christian voice in the media, I am regularly impressed by 'what' and 'who' Adam McManus knows. He understands the legislative process here in Washington, the important underlying political intrigue and he has an uncanny talent for getting key players to 'level' with him."

- Andrea Sheldon Lafferty,
Executive Director, Traditional Values Coalition

"Over the course of the many interviews I've done with Adam McManus, he has proven himself to be an objective journalist, with a critical and incisive understanding of current events."

- John Whitehead,
President, Rutherford Institute,
Attorney for Paula Corbin Jones

"Adam McManus is positively the best interviewer I have ever had on a Christian station and he ranks on par with the top two interviewers I ever had on secular stations (one in New York City and one in Albuquerque). Simply stated, Adam McManus is incredible. San Antonio is so fortunate to have him. He is the 'best of the best.'"

- Dr. Jim Garlow,
author of Cracking DaVinci's Code,
Senior Pastor, Skyline Church, San Diego, California

"Once San Antonio's radio listeners were exposed to the best in `Take A Stand with Adam McManus,' they never had to go elsewhere. Adam is one of a kind and a true asset to political talk radio."

- Jon Dougherty,
Reporter/columnist, WorldNetDaily.com

"Adam McManus has a passion for informing and equipping his listeners to be salt and light in their community. With his knowledge of the pressing issues of the day, Adam is able to show how events affect the lives of listeners. And he understands what is important — not just what the mainstream media decides is news, but rather what will impact listeners."

- Wendy Wright,
former president of Concerned Women for America

"I have had the pleasure of appearing on approximately 500 radio programs and 50 national television programs because a) I was the last Republican to run against Janet Reno, b) I represent the parents of the three girls shot and killed in the Paducah school shootings, and c) reported for NewsMax.com the Elian Gonzalez saga and the post-election litigation in Florida.

At least six, or more, of the aforementioned media interviews have been on Adam McManus' program on the San Antonio radio airwaves. I have found Adam to be among the very best radio hosts and interviewers in my ten years of dealing with the media. He is fair, smart and respectful of both his guests and his listeners. Any radio station or network hiring Adam would be getting a real pro, a real asset to its broadcast line-up."

- Jack Thompson,
Attorney, Miami, Florida; former Janet Reno political opponent

"Adam McManus is a hard-hitting talk show host that made a dynamic impact on San Antonio. Frankly, I consider him to be a `Texas Treasure.' He doesn't just talk about the issues, he takes a stand and motivates his listeners to do the same."

- Allan Parker,
CEO, Justice Foundation

"When the mainstream magazines and television news are so obviously biased towards the Left, having patriots like Adam McManus on the radio is crucial. He has always proven to be knowledgeable and fair, while making sure that his listeners hear the right side of today's issues."

- Melissa Moskal,
Young America's Foundation

"As a pro-life leader who has been interviewed by Adam McManus many times over the past few years, it is my humble opinion that his work is beyond reproach. He is a fearless defender of the full truth. I've appeared on every national television network, as well as shows like CNN's 'Larry King Live' and Fox News Channel's 'The O'Reilly Factor.' However, it is not far-fetched to say that among the top ten, Adam McManus rates as number one! I hope he is picked up by a radio station that is interested in bringing listeners the very best in talk radio."

- Judie Brown,
President, American Life League

"As a radio talk show host, Adam McManus' preparation, wisdom and incisive questions are a rare commodity these days. Just brilliant!"

- Dr. Ted Baehr,
Publisher, MovieGuide

"Adam McManus is energetic, without being sensationalistic. He always featured a good balance between host-guest dialogue and call-ins."

- Robert Peters,
President, Morality in Media

"I was privileged to watch Adam McManus build his radio show in San Antonio. Adam not only created the most widely respected talk show in the city, but he has an incredible talent for researching current events, convincing big-name guests to join him and empowering his listeners to take action.

"As a national spokeswoman for women in unplanned pregnancies, I have been interviewed on `Point of View with Marlin Maddoux,' `Truths that Transform with D. James Kennedy,' `The 700 Club with Pat Robertson' and `Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson.' I must say that Adam McManus is one of the most insightful and knowledgeable hosts I have ever encountered."

- Carol Everett,
President, The Heidi Group

"Adam McManus gets it. He understands that our military, after eight agonizingly long years of Bill Clinton's disastrous leadership, is in desperate need of a substantial increase in its budget and an end to the wacky social experimentation. McManus is a true patriot who values our precious national sovereignty which the U.N.-types want to fritter away."

- Colonel David Hackworth,
military analyst and newspaper columnist

"I've had the opportunity to be interviewed by Adam McManus at various times over the past five years. As an early pioneer in Internet safety, it was often challenging to work with journalists who had a firm grasp of the important issues of protecting children from Internet pornography and sexual predators. I always found Adam McManus to be informed and knowledgeable on this issue, and willing to work with me to inform his listening public to the dark side of the Internet in order to empower parents to protect their children."

- Donna Rice Hughes,
author of Kids On-line; Child On-line Protection Act Commissioner

"I have had the opportunity and privilege to be interviewed on more than a score of occasions by Adam McManus. I have been impressed with what his questions reveal about his grasp of the issues and by his ability to track me down in the most unlikely of places when he has been after an interview on an issue in which time was a critical question. I always return Adam's calls because I know that he is going to be fair and insightful in his questioning and will always ask intelligent and thought-provoking follow-up questions."

- Dr. Richard Land,
President, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission;
Host, "For Faith and Family" heard on 275 stations

"Because of this interview, we received 47 calls from Adam McManus' listeners asking for more information on agoraphobia. Many who called have participated in our program and are functional individuals once again, thanks to the interview."

- Mel Green,
Founding Director, New Beginning Foundation for Agoraphobia

"As someone who has done over 100 radio shows, I am becoming an expert in the numerous pitfalls which one experiences doing the talk show circuit. And it was the lack of pitfalls in this show that has prompted me to write. It was quite obvious to me that Adam McManus had taken the time to familiarize himself with the topic of immigration and was thus prepared to ask tough, but interesting and informative questions...Compared to many other shows I have done in the past, his show kept a quick pace and was full of many different and interesting angles."

- Dave Ray,
Media Director, Federation for American Immigration Reform

"Adam McManus had read my book carefully — a rarity among radio hosts conducting numerous interviews with authors — and interspersed the interview with relevant quotations from the book. Adam is clearly among the best in talk radio today — a spirited personality who motivates his listeners and inspires them to greater horizons."

- Blaine Smith,
author, Should I Get Married?

"In recent years I have been on well over 200 radio and television programs in many different parts of the country. On the basis of that personal experience, I found Adam McManus' show to be particularly professional and deserving of the label `interview.'...He took the time to read my book and asked questions that gave evidence of his preparation."

- Jean Garton,
author, Who Broke the Baby?

"I was most impressed with Adam McManus' skillful interview, as well as his fine professional radio voice. It was obvious to any listener that he had taken the time to become familiar with the book and with the facts about the problem which inspired it. Adam put me at ease and made me feel at home in his airspace. He asked pertinent questions that I was able to respond to with significant information."

- Jan Berliner Statmen,
author, The Battered Woman's Survival Guide

"I have been on a number of talk shows and I really think that Adam McManus' show has been the best. It has been my experience in times past that many of the hosts do not do their homework. I was gratified by his grasp of the material. It really kept the show from being superficial, but rather enabled our conversation to be meaningful."

- Dr. Paul Brownback,
author, The Danger of Self-Love

"I've done quite a few interviews of Living Proof over the past few months, and Adam McManus' interview was certainly one of the most professional...He also did a remarkable job of handling difficult callers."

- Karen Hinckley,
Producer Living Proof, a NavPress video

"I was impressed with Adam McManus' professionalism and heartfelt way he did the program. I've done dozens of interviews across the U.S., but very few of the hosts were as prepared and knowledgeable as he was."

- Dr. Leonard Felder,
author, When a Loved One is Ill

"I appreciate Adam McManus' upbeat style and his useful questions. Also, I appreciate that Adam not only read, but obviously studied the book. Many of the interviews I have done have been with people who have only read the fly leaf. He had relevant places marked and had quotes ready."

- Bob Morley,
author, Aerobics for the Spirit

"I also liked Adam's references to the quotes at the beginning of the chapters. They make dramatic statements that set the tone for the chapters, but most interviewers overlook them."

- Georglyn Rosenfeld,
author, Divorced Kids

"This was one of the most exciting and satisfying radio interviews I have ever been a part of and I would jump at the chance to be a guest of Mr. McManus anytime."

- Dr. Charles Evans,
author, Teens and Devil Worship

"Unlike many radio talk show hosts who have interviewed me, Adam McManus was one of the few individuals who had a working knowledge of my volume. He had clearly done his homework and knew my book well enough to ask me specific questions relating to points I had raised."

- Richard Abanes,
author, America Militias

"I've been on more than 100 radio shows in the last few years and there are few and far between like Adam McManus who take the time to prepare for a show as he does. I found Adam to be not only a cordial host, but well-prepared, making the entire experience pleasant and informative for the listeners."

- Dr. Gilbert R. Lavoie,
author, Resurrected (A study of the Shroud of Turin)

"An author can always tell when an interviewer has not read the book in detail or at all. As an author, I appreciated the time Adam McManus had spent studying the book and preparing for the course of the interview."

- Ronald Nash,
author, The Closing of the American Heart

"As a fellow radio talk show host and frequent guest of 'Take A Stand with Adam McManus,' I want to enthusiastically recommend Adam to any radio station. Adam is committed, compassionate and courageous. He is always prepared for his programs. He knows his subject; he knows his business. Adam is a winner!"

- Chuck Baldwin,
Presidential candidate, Constitution Party, 2008
former host of "Chuck Baldwin Live"

"Adam McManus did his homework and asked thought-provoking and stimulating questions. He entertains while effectively communicating truths which sets him apart from other talk show hosts."

- Kathleen Jackson
Publisher, The Godly Business Woman Magazine

"In the numerous radio interview that I've done, Adam McManus comes to the top as a talk show host. His heart and passion for truth is paramount. As an interviewer, he is able to get to the heart of the matter in both his questions and answers. In my experience, Adam is one of the few hosts who diligently prepares himself for his on-air interviews.

- Dr. David Gudgel,
author of Before You Live Together,
Pastor, Bethany Bible Church, Phoenix, Arizona

"I was impressed by how thoroughly Adam McManus knew the material in my book. In fact, he knew a few details better than I, since he had just read it in preparation for the interview. We actually talked about the substantive material in my book, not just the surface ideas that someone would pick up just flipping the pages. I've done 24 interviews in the last two years on this book and Adam was by far the best prepared."

- Barbara Rainey,
author of Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember,
wife of Dennis Rainey, host of Family Life Today radio

"Adam McManus has integrity in the way that he prepares for guests. He asks incisive and insightful questions. He expects answers and demands clarity. Adam had read the book, understood the issues and was actively engaged in a substantive give-and-take conversation. He knows the value of integrity-centered leadership and is willing to "take a stand" -- not simply for today's citizens, but for future generations."

- James Bracher, author of Integrity Matters

"When I couldn't find anyone last Wednesday to walk on my back in spiked heels while tickling my feet with a riding crop, I settled for the next best thing. So I tuned my radio to Adam McManus on KSLR. Did you know that innocent little children have free, unrestricted access to KSLR when they come home from school? There oughta be filtering software, at least."

- Mike Greenburg,
San Antonio Express-News liberal columnist,
September 26, 1999

"I do between 30 and 100 interviews every month, and Adam McManus is one of my favorite radio talk show hosts. Even though we agree on very little, his manner is engaging and his style can be counted on, no matter what the topic, to prompt and then promote a healthy and flowing dialogue. Every time I'm on, the phones ring off the hook, and I can tell that callers just adore Adam's style."

- Bruce Friedrich,
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

"Adam McManus is truly an amazing individual! Of the 500 talk show hosts I've dealt with over the past 15 years, I cannot recall anyone who has so effectively accomplished what Adam has. As the producer of his own show, he would be eminently qualified to produce ABC's 'Nightline' or 'Larry King Live.'

"And, as a host, I think Adam is better than many of the `big name' television and radio personalities out there. He is in a league of his own and whoever hires him will have a tremendous asset in their organization."

- Gerald McGlothlin,
President, Special Guests, a public relations firm

"As the editor of Human Events, I have been a frequent guest on Adam McManus' radio show. I consider it an outstanding show, and Adam an outstanding host for these reasons: 1) He has a great radio presentation. 2) He is always well-informed on the issues. 3) He is an intelligent and aggressive, but courteous, questioner. 4) He respects the intelligence of both his guests and his audience. 5) He is a real go-getter, personally calling major guests around the country to get them on his local show."

- Terry Jeffrey,
Editor-in Chief, CNSNews.com,
former Editor, Human Events, the national conservative weekly

"Adam McManus is one of the most talented talk show hosts in the country. His unique blend of interviewing skills and news sense always hits the mark and energizes his audiences. As someone who has done literally hundreds of TV and radio programs, including 'Crossfire,' 'Firing Line,' 'Nightline,' 'Talk of the Nation,' 'The O'Reilly Factor' and 'Focus on the Family,' I can say that no talk show host equals Mr. McManus' energy and cultural acumen.

"Adam asks the questions that illuminate, with laser-like precision, the most important aspects of an issue. And when hostile callers try to get him to lose his temper, Adam reiterates the truth with polite firmness.

"Over the years, whether I was at the Family Research Council or in my current position as director of CWA's Culture and Family Institute, I would drop everything to do Adam's program. He is that good! Adam McManus would be an asset for any radio station that wants to generate listeners and be taken seriously."

- Robert Knight,
Senior Fellow, American Civil Rights Union

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