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“With over a million abortions a year, it’s no wonder why America has so many drive-by shootings, car jackings and juvenile murder. Our societal attack on the sanctity of life just plays itself out on a continuum.”

Animal Rights:

“The Declaration of Independence recognizes the fact that humans are endowed with certain inalienable rights from our Creator. Last time I checked, spotted owls weren’t mentioned. Not even in a footnote.”

Death Penalty:

“When it comes to capital punishment, I’m pro-choice. The inmate can choose the electric chair, the gas chamber or a lethal injection.”


“Unless we have a military strong enough to defend our borders and thwart terrorism’s threat, we’re simply inviting the Islamic radicals and Communists to sucker punch Uncle Sam.”

Government Spending:

“We’re hypocrites. We want a debt-free government, yet we’re not willing to give up the entitlements that put us in this financial mess initially.”

Health Care:

“ObamaCare says if you’re old, sick and unproductive, ‘no soup for you!’ One thing is certain: Obama doesn’t Care!”


“Liberals keep whining about a so-called ‘path to citizenship.’ We already have one. It starts with filling out the legal paperwork in their home country, not crossing our border illegally.”


“If what a man spends hours drooling over doesn’t have a measurable and causal effect on his attitude and behavior, then why does the King of Beers spend $4 million for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl?”

Religious Liberty:

“Liberals have become downright hostile to the once cherished free exercise of religion. Every time they prohibit another public high school valedictorian from being allowed to pray, the Pilgrims spin in their graves.”

Right to Bear Arms:

“The drafters of the Second Amendment were not trying to ensure another 10-point buck for a hunter’s trophy wall. Rather, our Founding Fathers wanted to ensure the sovereign right of a man to protect his family from robbers and his country from tyranny.”

Safe Sex:

“The best possible protection against sexually transmitted diseases is a wedding ring.”

Sex Education:

“I’m confused. We’re confident that kids can withstand the temptation to use drugs, because we tell them so. But when it comes to premarital sex, we treat them like rabbits in heat. In my opinion, self-control is a character trait to be universally cherished, not compartmentalized.”


“There’s one thing the government can never dole out: self-respect. That can only come with hard work, integrity and personal responsibility.”

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