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"I admire Adam McManus. Unlike many of his politically-correct media colleagues, Adam speaks the truth with conviction. And he's smarter and better prepared than most radio hosts."

- John Stossel,
Host of Stossel on Fox Business

"Having been a regular guest on Adam McManus' radio show, I know first-hand that he's entertaining, profoundly articulate and deeply principled. Plus, Adam's one of the few conservative talk show hosts who has a contagious laugh and a great sense of humor. I just hope Fox News Channel doesn't come across his resume any time soon or I might be out of a job."

- Sean Hannity,
Host of "Hannity" on Fox News Channel, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and bestselling author of Conservative Victory, Deliver Us From Evil
and Let Freedom Ring

"On many occasions, I've been a guest on the Adam McManus radio program. As an interviewer, he's always well-prepared, poised, conversational and engaging. He clearly enjoys a warm and intense connection with his radio audience in San Antonio, and I'm sure he would develop the same sort of popularity in any broadcast position that he takes on. Like everyone else who's worked with Adam, I'd have to say he strikes me as a complete professional."

- Michael Medved,
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host

"I really appreciated Adam McManus' interview on "Take a Stand." It was refreshing to be interviewed by somebody who had actually read the book. His questions were sharp, to the point, and he kept the program moving beautifully. I have been through literally thousands of book interviews in my life. This was one of the best. Adam's very good at his craft."

- the late Charles Colson,
Founder, Prison Fellowship,
author of The Good Life, Born Again, and Loving God

"It's obvious from the git-go that Adam McManus is a pro who makes it look easy."

- Jerry B. Jenkins,
author of The Left Behind Series, Head of the Christian Writers Guild
and Jenkins Entertainment

"Adam McManus is one of the best radio interviewers in the business. He does his homework and is entertaining and informative at the same time."

- Ann Coulter,
Fox News Channel commentator,
columnist, and bestselling author of Treason, Slander, Mugged,
Demonic, Guilty, and Godless.

"Adam McManus is one of those rare talk show hosts who engages his brain before he opens his mouth. As a result, he creates fascinating radio."

- Janet Parshall,
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host

"Adam McManus is a true voice for family, faith and freedom. His passion and professionalism make him one of America's most effective spokesmen for traditional values. This is a man who loves God, cares about our country and articulates the hopes and dreams of the American people. I am proud to call him a friend."

- Gary Bauer,
Founder, Family Research Council,
Republican presidential candidate, President of American Values

"I am impressed with Adam McManus because he has the stout-hearted courage of his convictions. He never fails to stand up for principles that deserve to survive."

- the late U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, (R-NC)

"As the editor of one of the most popular news websites in the world, which now attracts 4 million unique visitors per month, I can say with confidence that Adam McManus is not only on top of the latest headlines, but he has the unique ability to decipher between the relevant and irrelevant. I'm a busy man. I say no to most local talk show hosts' requests for interviews. But I say yes to Adam because I know that he's consistently well-prepared, engaging and puts on a great show!"

- Joseph Farah,
Editor, WorldNetDaily.com

"It was my pleasure to do Adam McManus' show on KSLR at least half a dozen times in the past few years. When it comes to talk radio, Adam is a real pro. The discussions were always lively and informative. Whatever the topic, it was clear — from his thoughtful, probing questions — that Adam had done his homework. The ability to put a guest at ease, to move the conversation along at a steady clip and to mix conversation with calls into a smooth flow is the mark of a consummate host. In the hundreds of interviews I've done in the 18 years my column has run, Adam McManus is one of the best talk radio personalities I've encountered."

- Don Feder,
nationally syndicated columnist

"Adam McManus is one of our nation's premier voices in the cultural battle. He's always prepared, plugged-in and persuasive on the issues that matter most. I would appear on any show he hosts without reservation."

- Janet Folger,
Director of Faith to Action

"Adam McManus has interviewed me many times over the years. He has always demonstrated a high level of preparedness, a firm command of the current political issues and a professional demeanor."

- U.S. Congressman Lamar Smith, (R-TX),
21st District of Texas

"Over the past 23 years I have appeared on literally hundreds of talk radio programs all over this country. I can safely say that Adam McManus is as good a talk radio host as I've ever heard — or heard of! He is entertaining, humorous and not filled with ego and self-importance, a disease that is running rampant on the air these days. Adam is also a one-man operation: he produces his own show and has access to a huge roster of great guests. I wish Adam was on the air up here in New York! He can easily make it in any market anywhere in America. He's that good!"

- U.S. Congressman John LeBoutillier, (R-NY),
Columnist with NewsMax.com

"I have been a regular guest on Adam's radio show, and I always found it refreshing to talk to a liberty-minded host. I especially appreciate his views on the United Nations and his uncompromising support for American sovereignty. Adam McManus brings a much-needed and very well-informed conservative viewpoint to the airwaves."

- U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, (R-TX),
14th District of Texas

"Having been on literally thousands of radio talk shows over the years, and still giving a dozen or more interviews a week, being a guest on Adam McManus' program is one of my most pleasurable media experiences. Adam is well-informed and asks provocative questions."

- Phyllis Schlafly,
President of Eagle Forum and author

"If I were the program director at a talk station, I'd hire Adam McManus in a New York minute. I've never met another talk show host who was a more perfect blend of conviction, charisma and raw talent. With Adam behind the microphone, our country is a better place!"

- Don Wildmon,
President, American Family Association

"America needs more young men like Adam McManus who are not afraid to tackle the controversial issues with a refreshing, pull-no-punches style."

- the late Dr. D. James Kennedy,
former Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church,
founder of Knox Theological Seminary and Center for Reclaiming America

"During the tour for my book `Absolute Power,' I did between 250 and 300 interviews. Adam McManus was among the most prepared, engaging and interesting of the interviewing hosts. I appreciated that he had made himself thoroughly conversant with the material and his questions were crisp and original. His superb questioning gave me the opportunity to bring things out about the book that I was unable to do with less-prepared and accomplished hosts. I have also been a guest on his show on other occasions and always found him to be a lively, informed host."

- David Limbaugh,
Columnist, and author of Absolute Power, Persecution,
Crimes Against Liberty and The Great Destroyer;
brother of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh

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