In my view, one of the most important services which I provided as a local radio talk show host on AM 630, KSLR since 1997 was to feature political candidate interviews and debates. It enabled me to ask the tough questions that few in the mainstream media had the guts to ask like:

  • "Would you like to see Roe v. Wade overturned?"
  • "Why and at what stage should the child in the womb be protected from abortion?"
  • "Do you believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman?"
  • "Do you think tax money should provide medical benefits to heterosexual or homosexual live-in lovers?"
  • "Who did you vote for in the last Presidential election?"
  • "Have you professed faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior? At what age did you receive His forgiveness for your sins?"

And those interviews and debates allowed you, the listener, to dialogue with the candidates about the issues of concern to you.

I would take meticulous notes about their personal backgrounds, their worldview, their endorsements, their experience, and their profession or lack thereof of faith in Jesus Christ.

Sadly, I was just about to feature a month's worth of those very interviews and debates on AM 630, KSLR when they eliminated my position.

Traditionally, I would spend an additional 30-40 hours compiling my notes, websites and supplemental research.

I have received many a request that I send out my election picks during early voting to empower you, the Christian voter, to take a stand for the best candidate possible in each race.

Because I am now officially unemployed, I thought that I would make my election picks, after much research, available to you for a one-time $10 purchase as a creative way to provide income for the McManus household.

In order to view the "McManus Picks for Election 2010", click on the "Pay Now" button below. (Note: You can simply use your credit card for this secure, on-line purchase. You do not need to have a pre-existing PayPal account)

After you have entered and submitted your credit card information, look for the phrase "Return to talkradioadam@gmail.com". Click on that live link once you have paid to get access to my list of endorsements of all the candidates. The picks will NOT be e-mailed to you. Rather, you will be immediately re-directed to the link once you have paid.

Please share this list with those in your immediate family only.

If you would like to encourage others on your e-mail list or among your family or friends to access the "McManus Picks for Election 2010", please invite them to visit my website: www.TakeAStand.net so they too can make the $10 purchase and download my picks. As a Christian, I trust that you are on the honor system. It's kind of like the importance of buying a musician's CD from the store or on iTunes as opposed to unethically burning a copy of a friend's CD.

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I am not encourging you to vote a straight Republican Party ticket. There are some bad Republicans. And in some races there are only two choices: Democrat candidate or a Libertarian/Green Party candidate. I looked carefully at each individual race. While there is no perfect candidate, since Jesus Christ is not on the ballot, I chose the one that best represents biblical values or a candidate who is running opposite a strong incumbent liberal.

My election picks also include:

  • dates, locations and hours for early voting in Bexar County between Monday,October 18 and Friday,October 29th.
  • location for Election Day, November 2nd voting in Bexar County according to your address.
  • a link to determine your Texas State Senate district, your Texas State Representative district, and your Texas State Board of Education district.
  • a list of contacts of whom to call to determine where you vote outside of Bexar County
  • a generic sample ballot for Bexar County.
  • a list of acceptable forms of identification to vote

Thanks again for valuing my insight as we seek to elect the most righteous, God-fearing candidates.

Remember the wise counsel from Proverbs 29:2: "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan."

Finally, watch this powerful 3-minute long video from David Barton of Wall Builders in which he reminds us that voting is a right as an American and a responsibility as a Christian!

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